The Younik - Origins

Loja Younik

Younik. dare to be you

 Each human being has unique attributes and an essence that is important to highlight and distinguish. Each of us is unique, different and special (You+unique = Younik!).

 As such, Younik designs and produces unique, exclusive or limited edition pieces that reflect the essence and uniqueness of each customer.

 This is the concept and image of our brand that bets on extolling Portugal, implementing sustainability and following and applying the latest trends in national and international fashion.

 We use traditional techniques of Portuguese jewelery styling traditional Portuguese icons such as the Coração de Viana, the Galo de Barcelos or the Portuguese Guitar.

 From a sustainability perspective, we bet on the reuse of materials, transforming them into jewelry and we do not use environmentally harmful metals such as chromium and nickel. Our materials of choice are metallic alloys, leather, cork, acrylic or wood.

 We permanently monitor recent national and international fashion trends to ensure that our pieces are not only unique and exclusive, but also contemporary.

 Patrícia Cruz – CEO Younik, Jewelry Designer